What's EV and when to use it.

Its complicated maths that denotes multiple Aperture and Shutter Speed settings for an exposure (taking a photograph).

Exposure Values (EV) digital-photography-school.com
EV +2, lighter photo. EV +0, normal photo. EV -2, darker photo.

When to use:

  • If your camera insist on lighter/darker photos and you disagree.
  • You need more shutter speed (increase aperture = more light, reduce EV = darker photo, allowing higher shutter speed).
  • When your subject is darker than background, increase EV, and vice versa.

    Subject lighter than background, EV +0 EV set to EV +1.3

  • With a tripod, take the same photo with different EV and then stitch them together in PhotoShop to create a High Dynamic Range photograph.



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