What is Aperture ?

It's the size of the hole through which light travels into your camera.

Left to right, small apertures (f/5.6) to big apertures (f/1.8) shown above.

Rated by f-stop:

  • f/1.8 or f1.8 = wide opening / big hole / big aperture.
  • f/5.6 or f5.6 = small opening / small hole / small aperture.
Related: Depth of Field (DOF), Shutter Speed, ISO.
  • low f-stop (f/1.8) = wide aperture, more light, high shutter speed, small DOF, allows low ISO.
  • high f-stop (f/5.6) = small aperture, less light, slow shutter speed, large DOF, may require high ISO.

    Depth of Field digital-photography-school.com
    Small Aperture, large DOF, everything sharp. Large Aperture, small DOF, background blur.
In short:
  • To blur backgrounds and have a small DOF, lower the f-stop to have a wide Aperture.



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